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About me

Nora and Venca

About 20 years ago I settled here in Dompnac, a small village in the mountains of the Ardèche.

Before I lived in Antwerp (Belgium), where I had been a language teacher for about 18 years. There I also went to art-school during the weekends to learn about sculpturing.

That's how I discovered the need of expressing myself by being creative. A few years ago I took up painting. Little by little I taught myself by observing, doing and making mistakes. I liked it.

The idea grew to unite the things I like: nature - people - teaching - creativity. So I started to organize workshops.

I love doing it. It pleases me to see people overcome their fears, expressing themselves using the techniques and tools I offer them. Students choose their subjects and I guide them to develop and find their own style.

It's amazing to see what beginners are able to create in only 5 days.

Some of my paintings