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Painting, drawing or modelling in the south of France

Nora and Venca

For a while you have been thinking of taking up painting, but a kind of fear is blocking you...

Thoughts like ‘I would never be able to do that’ keep you from starting...

You’ve always liked drawing, but you never really went any further...

Then maybe these workshops are meant for you.

Practising any kind of art works like a therapy. It helps you to calm down and it may give you a clearer idea of yourself.

It helps to express what lives inside of you.

Starting a new thing can be of help during some difficult moments in your life, moments you do not see any more how to change things.

The use of colours, forms and contrasts and learning how to observe better, can help you find back or preserve your interior balance. Appreciating the small things of life, helps to find back the joy of life.

The magnificent nature of the nearly forgotten mountain-valley where the workshops are organized, contributes through its quiet and beauty, to strengthen your mental force.

Real creative holidays, full of life.

English spoken.